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Oct 11, 2012 6:00pm EDT
condition. we'll have more at 10. >>> and we're on the campaign trail now. in hours, joe biden and paul ryan will go head-to-head. the one and only showdown before the elect. undecided voters and analysts closely watching to so which comes out on top. bob vernard has more on the vice presidential debate preview. >> reporter: the locals are calling it the thrill in theville, as in danville, kentucky. more than a side show but not critical as the presidential debate. tonight's biden-ryan faceoff could help sway a few voters, when, in some places, everyone counts. vice president joe biden arriving in kentucky this afternoon now three hours until his one and only debate, with congressman paul ryan. mitt romney's running mate keeping a low public profile. here he is out for coffee. >> joe biden's been on the stage many times before. this is my first time. sure, it's a nervous situation. >> reporter: during their 90- minute debate, they will be sitting at a table at center cool them danville, covering domestic and foreign policy issues, leaving delaware this morning, the vice president seemed upbe
Oct 9, 2012 6:00pm EDT
arrested for not telling about this. and joe paterno who died in january. >>> border patrol agents on horseback led a public funeral procession in arizona. one agent was shot last week and investigators believe he was killed by friendly fire instead of an armed smuggler. >>> people who don't like the radical muslim ads in the subway system came with a message of their own. that were put up last month after the executive director sued the metropolitan octoberrority to be allowed to display them and to be in d.c.'s metro station. the christian group called the sojourners are putting up their own ads in new york. >> we're putting up these ads that say love your muslim neighbors. this is what we're finding. when you remind people of our obligations to each other, it brings out the best in people. yes, yes. when you have hate language, it brings out the worst in people. >> several of the antiradical muslim ads were torn down. >>> still ahead here, frustrated in d.c. traffic. one driver apparently took measures into their own hands. sue. >> and hey, you didn't need the sunglasses very mu
Oct 12, 2012 6:00pm EDT
to turn to in a crisis. and that was the vice president of the united states, paul ryan. >> i thought joe biden was terrific tonight. i could not be prouder of him. i thought he made a very strong case and you know, i really think that making sure the economy grows for the middle class came true. i'm really proud of him. >> today, romney and ryan are going to be traveling to ohio for a rally this everyoning. president obama, meanwhile, he's on his way down to williamsburg, virginia. he's going to be spending the weekend preparing for the next presidential debate, which is on tuesday. >> fox 5 wants to hear from you as we approach the election day, use the d cyoudecide to tweet. as we count down to november. >>> the trial doesn't begin until monday, but defense lawyers already won a key decision in the university of maryland beating case. earlier today, a judge ruled jurors will be allowed to view other video that took place in college park after the terps beat duke in a basketball game in 2010. not just the video of two officers allegedly beating a maryland student. officers are accused
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3